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Is DVD Dead?


The number one web activity for all web users is viewing of streaming video content. Although DVD is not dead yet it, the majority of users are moving away from DVD video delivery of content. The world has become accustom

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A true story of ill-behaved MPEG files

Here’s the story… An in-house Trial tech was provided MPEG-1 video files for upcoming trial, naturally just the week before Monday court date. With everything else going on, the trial tech outsourced the job to be synchronized. But while attempting

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Creating MPEG-4 Files for Playback within iPads

Although deposition video is normally produced in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format for compatibility with litigation preparation and presentation software, neither of these formats will play within an iPad.  If the attorney would like to play the video on their iPad,

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DVD Compatibility

Creating Compatible Disc for Your Clients To provide maximum compatibility of the DVD discs you produce for your clients, we suggest: use -R media (not +R, +RW etc.) we recommend Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden (now JVC) media stock we recommend 8X

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Deposition Video Formats – What to Order?

Attorneys are often uncertain as to what video format they should order for their video-taped depositions.  MPEG-1 or MPEG-2?  Synchronize?  To enable better decisions, I have tried to summarize the available formats in a few sentences: MPEG-1 files are lower

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A streaming video quality question.

YesLaw answers a user question about picture resolution for the Online experience. YesLaw Online creates multiple files in two formats Flash for PC users and H.264 for Apple users. These formats are also created at various bit-rates to match the connection speed

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How can we look the same, but be so different? DVD vs Blu-ray

A guest blog from Eber Legarreta of YesVideo consumer services addresses the issue of Blu-ray. With the recent discontinuation of the Sony VRD-MC6 and VRD-MC10 DVD recorders and a move by Sony to a Blu-ray recorder, VBD-MA1, we thought this article may be

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Playing Captions within Windows Media Player

Windows Media player supports video with captions as long as you have the proper files. The good news- YesLaw makes it easy to create clips and automatically includes the caption file. Set-up your windows media player to enable captions once

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Synchronized Transcript Formats

When we synchronize transcripts with media, we provide synchronized transcripts in formats compatible with all the major trial preparation and presentation software.  One can never be certain what trial preparation or presentation software the attorney prefers, and the attorney’s choice

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YesLaw answers a question about digitizing the audio

Q:   Something I have been confused about the last couple years is the audio sampling rate some are recommending. If you choose any standard MPEG-1 template, the default is 44,100khz. I know the default for recording DVD’s is 48khz. Does

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