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Is DVD Dead?


The number one web activity for all web users is viewing of streaming video content. Although DVD is not dead yet it, the majority of users are moving away from DVD video delivery of content. The world has become accustom

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New Features in YesLaw Transcript software

If you are a YesLaw Transcript software user we have a new release that you will be prompted to download. You may skip the update but if you accept the update there are a whole list of new features. If

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Creating MPEG-4 Files for Playback within iPads

Although deposition video is normally produced in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format for compatibility with litigation preparation and presentation software, neither of these formats will play within an iPad.  If the attorney would like to play the video on their iPad,

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YesLaw in the Courthouse -“Official Transcript Generator”

YesLaw Expands into the Courthouse as a Cloud Solution for Storing and Sharing Official Transcripts Online  With an industry push toward a paperless courtroom, YesLaw, the technology leader in deposition publishing and hosting, unveils its “Official Transcript Generator” solution, first

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DVD Compatibility

Creating Compatible Disc for Your Clients To provide maximum compatibility of the DVD discs you produce for your clients, we suggest: use -R media (not +R, +RW etc.) we recommend Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden (now JVC) media stock we recommend 8X

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Time of Day Timestamps -

We have a question from a YesLaw video synch software user. “Last week a court reporter asked about timestamps and I told her that either way was fine. But is there a preferred condition? She’s a stickler…” Let’s start with background.

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