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New Features in YesLaw Transcript software

If you are a YesLaw Transcript software user we have a new release that you will be prompted to download. You may skip the update but if you accept the update there are a whole list of new features. If

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Scanning Exhibit Documents

Recommendations for Scanning Exhibit Documents The following provides general guidelines for scanning exhibit documents for linking within transcripts: scan at 200-300 dpi resolution.  Select the higher resolution 300 dpi for documents with smaller type. scan black-and-white documents in black-and-white and not color

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YesLaw PDF Transcripts – Small File Size

Small file size has always been important to enable emailing transcripts, however size is becoming increasingly important as more users are viewing transcripts on mobile devices and accessing the files via their cellular data plan.  Within the YesLaw PDF Transcript Generator, we

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Why PDF Transcripts

There are many reasons why court reporters should deliver the transcripts in PDF format.  I’ve put together a quick list… Why Deliver PDF Formatted Transcripts? The PDF format supports all the features attorneys have come to expect in electronic transcript

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