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Is DVD Dead?

The number one web activity for all web users is viewing of streaming video content. Although DVD is not dead yet it, the majority of users are moving away from DVD video delivery of content. The world has become accustom to having this immediate streaming access to video content on any device, TV, tablet or phone.

Broadcast and consumer markets have been steadily moving towards mmeting the demand for streaming delivery of content. Streaming services and devices are abundant; Youtube, Netflix streaming, Amazon, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Hulu, just to name a few.

Q: Where does this leave the legal videographer and delivery of deposition video going forward? Is DVD dead for deposition content?

A: Not yet, but it’s not hard to see it coming sooner than later.

Online video access alone is not appropriate for the courtroom or mediation. Dependence on an internet connection to deliver deposition testimony into a courtroom can reduce the effectiveness of presenting video to the judge and jury.   No problem, YesLaw Online provides fast download of selected clips for playback from a local storage device. It’s the best of both worlds, online access to case material with local storage of selected content and playback without an internet connection in the courthouse.

YesLaw expanded its online video technology to include synched video download. Delivery of video with synchronized captions no longer requires physical delivery of a disc. Fast download of just what is needed or download the entire deposition.

This new download feature eliminates the requirement for disc delivery of video. YesLaw Online now enables attorneys and other legal professionals to work with video more efficiently, to collaboratively edit video online and then export video clips for trial, mediation and settlement.

With the added security requirements that attorneys expect, YesLaw Online provides encrypted download of a variety of video formats. Available formats include MPEG2 (if original upload is MPEG2), MPEG1, MPEG4, and WMV, each is transcoded and delivered to any internet connected device. Attorneys using the YesLaw Online interface may search, create a clip, and download directly to their iPad, desktop or laptop. The file is then stored locally and is ready for playback with captions, independent of an online connection.

YesLaw has provided industry standard deposition video on CD and DVD for over 12 years. When disc was a quantum leap over tape technology we provided the tools. The next leap will be streaming delivery and once again we are providing the software to meet the change.


YesLaw® provides software for the advanced publishing and delivery of deposition content as PDF transcripts, synchronized video and with the YesLaw Online repository. Users can review, search, highlight, edit, and download transcripts, documents, and now video.

 Over 600 reporting firms are publishing over a million depositions per year with YesLAW® technology. To learn more, or become a reseller visit:

Brian Clune has over 24 years in court reporting and legal support services. His focus is on the development and adoption of new technology to better serve clients in the legal sector. "Compete with better service and with new services that better serve clients."

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2 comments on “Is DVD Dead?
  1. Wayne Marien says:

    Brian, how does YesLaw deliver without going through an internet link?
    The local storage device, how does it get the data/info.?

    Thank you.

  2. Brian Clune says:

    Our video is uploaded to a streaming server. You view, search and edit online. Then you have the opportunity to create files for download and playback.

    It is an internet link up until you have downloaded the clips to a local device.

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